Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

new year's eve make up & some firework. :)

Yesterday I decided to continue my blog in english. why? because when I attended school I was really interested in improving my english skills, but after working in a job I didn't have much to do with it... what a pity! And so, here we are: cupcake & beauty goes english. (:

apart from that I'd like to show you what kind of make up I wore yesterday. I wanted it quite natually, I just don't like these shimmery all over the eyes glitter make ups. :) And besides we just went to a small party of one of Pat's friends - nothing too formal

Essence Pure Skin Tinted Moisturizer lighter skin
mixed with Catrice Photo Finish Foundation 010 light beige
mixed with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Nr. ? (I wanted to give her another try but I just don't like to formula, it's kind of a gel but it feels really weird on my skin! :/ )
Manhattan Clearface Powder
Catrice Sun Bronzer
Catrice Blush in "Rose Royce" <3

Essence Eyebrow Pen in "04 Blonde"

Essence Colour Arts Eyeshadow Base
Sleek i divine Paraguaya Palette (Avoir La Peche LE): the lighter shimmery shade in the inner corner and the darker shade in the crease. I also used the lighter matte shade under the eyebrows to lift'em up!
For the rest of the eyelid I used a shimmery middle brown shade of essence which I don't know the name of. It's quite old!
Mascara: Catrice Glamour Doll

on my lips I just used Blistex Relief Cream because of my dry lips the last few days.  

and now I wanna share yesterday's firework with you. (photo is made by Pat!)

Wishing everyone a happy new 2013 

make the most of it
& let your dreams come true! ;)

wanna follow me on instragam? ;) 

byebye & have a nice day!

xoxo cupcake & beauty.

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